Ask the Doc with Dr. William Whaley – Can Reoccurring Rashes Be a Sign of Cancer?


Dr. Whaley joins BKP to discuss reoccurring rashes and whether or not they can be a sign of cancer.


Ask the Doc with Dr. William Whaley on Popping Knuckles; Can Cancer Originate From Significant Injuries


Dr. Whaley joins BKP to discuss the myth behind popping knuckles and also if falls, bumps, and bruises can lead to cancer. He and BKP also touch on the risks associated with vaping and over using electronic devices.


Ask the Doc with Dr. William Whaley on Gynecological Cancer and Hand Pain


Dr. Whaley sits down with BKP to discuss gynecological cancer and hand pains.


“Ask the Doc!” All about Eczema and Seasonal Allergies


Today on Ask the Doc, BKP and Doctor William Whaley discuss eczema and what can lead to worse skin conditions on the body when eczema is left untreated. Also, Dr. Answers viewer questions and tell us a break down of this years upcoming seasonal allergies. We want to give a big thank you to Georgia Cancer Specialists and of course Dr. Whaley for this segment.

Ask the Doc with Dr. Whaley – numb fingers, sharp pains, and extreme dry skin


Doctor Whaley from the Georgia Cancer Specialist came to sit with us today to discuss some great viewer questions. This week he discussed how smart phone addictions in adolescents are leading to anti social behavior and the following viewer questions:

My fingers have been getting numb and turning white and feel cold and it lasts for approximately 15 minutes should i be concerned?

I have been having sharp pains in one side of my head the pains are sudden and sharp but do not last very long is this just a type of migraine?

Since the weather has been colder i have been experiencing extreme dry skin to the point it skin breaks open and nothing I’ve used seems to alleviate the problem so I wondered if there is an over the counter solution which may help?

We would like to thank Georgia Cancer Specialist for sponsoring this segment. If you ever have a question for our doc email them to with Ask the Doc in the subject line.

Ask the Doc – arthritis, disk replacement surgery, and vitamin C


Today Doctor Whaley had great information for us as usual! He also brought us a little table decoration. In this segment the Doc answered the following viewer questions:
My doctor says I have degenerative changes in my spine. Does this mean I have arthritis?
Is disk replacement surgery an effective treatment for low back pain?
Can vitamin C help prevent colds or shorten them? Can vitamin C improve my mood?

If you have a question for our “Ask the Doc” segment email them to anytime and we will get them on the show. We would like to thank Georgia Cancer Specialist for sponsoring this segment.


Ask the Doc – Dr. Jennifer Jones from Georgia Cancer Specialist


This morning Dr. Whaley couldn’t be with us. But have no fear we had a great Dr. to fill in for him today! Dr. Jennifer Jones from the Georgia Cancer Specialist answers our viewer questions of the week, discusses some of the things BKP talked about in his opening, and even told us a great corny joke!!
This week’s questions are:

  • When should I use a cool-mist humidifier versus a warm-mist humidifier for relief with a cold?
  • Several months ago, I developed a small white patch on the skin of my arm. It appears to be getting larger. Is a white patch on skin anything to be concerned about?
  • What’s the difference between a tumor and a cyst? Could a cyst be cancerous?

To submit a question to our doctors email them to

ASK THE DOC 10/13/2017


Dr. William Whaley joins us for our weekly checkup, featuring your questions!

We would like to thank the Georgia Cancer Specialists for sponsoring this segment. I f you have a question for our doc, send it to or 706-889-9700.

  1. What causes me to lose my sense of smell?
    1. All sorts of causes… NUMEROUS DISEASES
    2. Also, with age it can deteriorate.
    3. Also, seasonal allergies.
  2. Can a mental illness change personality or behavior?
    1. Personality: No. Personality disorders are serious disorders. The medical community divides it into three categories.
      1. People appear odd or eccentric. Schizotypal
      2. People who are dramatic, emotional, erratic. It’s a disease when its narcissistic.
      3. People that appear anxious and fearful. Avoidant behavior, obsessive compulsive. Or very dependent.
      1. Low Thyroid/High Thyroid makes you lethargic or too hyper.
      2. Too much Testosterone can make you over aggressive.
  3. I’m just getting over a cold and my ears feel plugged up.
    1. The tube that drains the ear is full, caused by a virus, then your can’t equilibrate the pressure.
      1. Nasal sprays can open them up.
    2. The most common occurrence is because of ear wax
      1. The worst thing to do is stick a q-tip in the ear
      2. Go to the pharmacy and get something over the counter that will melt the wax.
    3. If you go onto an airplane after having that sort of cold you can rupture ear drum on the way down from altitude.
      1. It can lead to a lifetime of dizziness with zero cure.

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