Short Takes – Does Hollywood Matter Any More?


Apparently, the Tony award’s were on last night. I didn’t know. It was in todays news when it was revealed once again, that the IQ level of actor Robert DeNiro, who publicly expressed his deep level of disdain, or rather his hatred for President Donald Trump, hadn’t changed.

When a celebrity uses only base rhetoric to express an opposing political opinion, such as using the one word that best describes one of life’s more pleasurable functions betweens the sex’s, as a statement of fact, then we have achieved the collapse of polite discourse and the sure sign that DeNiro’s “Peter Principal” level has been reached. DeNiro has achieved his highest level of intellectual attainment, a triumph of idiocy over debate. To the cheering Hollywood crowd, his word is final, but nobody really cares anymore, do they? Now, it’s only a news item.

The world is focusing on historic events: the just concluded G-7 Trade summit, the ludicrous after Trump statement by Canadian Premier Trudeau, the land creation going on in Hawaii and the land melting event in Guatemala, not to mention President Trumps mission to Singapore for a singular historic event, the first ever summit meeting between a North Korean despot, Kim Jung Un, and the President of the United States, and we are favored with DeNiro’s opinion.

We are in a whirl of world shaping news events to the point we almost can’t keep up and an aging pretty good movie actor, DeNiro, of no specific intellectual achievement, chooses a medium most Americans have stopped viewing, award shows, to offer up once again his learned opinion on the President of the United States.

What DeNiro reinforced by his tirade was that the Hollywood of today is no longer important except as a money raising machine for Democrats. Hollywood is disappearing, much of it having moved right here to Georgia. Most Americans already know what DeNiro thinks about conservative politics and it’s newest spokesman, Donald Trump, so we can safely ignore it.

What hurts most is the wild cheering by attendees applauding DeNiro’s version of the “truth” as DeNiro so cunningly expressed it. Some call the actor an “outspoken critic” of Trump, and he is but, who cares anymore? DeNiro can never speak his opinion without employing the lowest level of his rhetorical skills, using the “F___” word again and again. Maybe it’s his highest level.

These seemingly constant televised award shows by the entertainment industry patting itself on the back, have morphed into political action exercises by the Left to confirm their anti-American, anti-conservative and pro-Clinton opinions. They do it in the certain belief that simply because they have achieved celebrity or get a nomination to receive a silly trophy that has to be dusted once a week, that their opinion really matters. That is a delusional level above which people with excessively highly developed egos, like movie actors, rarely advance. The odd man out of course, is Donald Trump. His ego is his driving force and achievement, its reward.

Hollywood once expressed America’s culture in great movies; the culture that defeated the Nazi’s, the Japanese and later, economically, the Soviets. That’s the culture that drew thousands of intelligent immigrants to our shores to become Americans, not the culture of Hollywood today, demanding social changes Trump won’t give them. Theirs is the culture of political correctness, profane ideas and nasty words. Theirs is the culture of sexual exclusivity, diversity, inclusion, glorifying sodomites and multiculturalism, the direct antithesis of Americanism. Trump has changed the formula for success and they can’t stand it.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (12Jun18)

Short Takes – Are the Tea Party’s Moribund?


Are the Tea Party’s Moribund?

“Associated Press declares Republican ‘Tea Party’ era has faded away…..” Hummn? Maybe, but I disagree with the premise asserted here by noting that pop-up, grass root political organizations like Tea Party’s, were mostly filled with aroused, angry people born in the 40’s and 50’s, who lived through the WW2 years and beyond, and enjoyed America’s post-war heyday of economic growth, prosperity and good living, only to see their parents achievements being replaced by the corrupting philosophy’s of national socialism, the same socialism their parents had just defeated. It was their parents who were the “Greatest Generation” and today, their children tend to get a bit tired after they’ve accomplished what they set out to do.   

Regardless of clearly commercial Internet Tea Party organizations that claim some primary roll over the movement, Tea Party’s were really local attempts to make a difference by people who realized their Representative were not doing what the base wanted but instead were spending without control and raising taxes to pay for it. Taxed Enough Already was the Tea Party’s mantra and still is. What they realized was, is that politics should not be a career choice.

Attending political meetings where you’re told what you already know and nothing really seems to get done, quickly loses its appeal. Most meetings are merely platforms for speech makers to energize the enthusiasm of the base to do one thing and one thing only, effect “term limits” one politician at a time and, that has been done.

Three successive national elections has completely changed the Congress from a majority of Marxist leaning Democrats and go along to get along Republicans happy not to have been kicked out by their constituents, to a majority of Republicans being pushed and cajoled by the few Tea Party members elected to replace dangerous democrats. More Changes are coming!

Time passes and enthusiasm wanes, but not the determination to make America great. The denizens of “fly-over” America have seen the results of their combined efforts to make the changes needed in the body politic. Enthusiasts, no matter how their called, Tea Party or GOP or whatever, have succeeded. The battle is joined.

At this moment, our President is Donald Trump, not a politician but a pragmatists, a doer who is doing what he promised he would and returning to Americans the pride they felt in their country that the previous administration apologized away. Weakness invites contempt. America is no longer weak.

The Tea Party movement encouraged a morose population of patriots to get off their butts and start changing their attitudes from defeatism and disheartening acceptance of the coming Socialism, to realizing the righteousness of America’s constitutional representative government, and connivence others to change their attitudes too. It worked in three successive elections.

Today, we see a rising tide of minority Americans of African descent realizing they have been kept on the lowest level of the economic plantation created by the Democrats, and are starting to rebel, despite what the Black Shirts of the Fascist anarchy movements, AntiFa and BLM, want. America is on the threshold of greatness and we need all our citizens involved in the task. That’s the promise Trump has brought us, and that’s the promise he’s keeping. Conservatives can no longer enjoy the policy of bipartisanship with an enemy that wants to destroy us.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s go get ‘em! (03Jun18)

Short Takes – The Illegal Immigration Problem Will Still Persists


The Illegal Immigration Problem Will Still Persist

I was seriously alarmed listening to radio host Hugh Hewitt’s interview with Attorney General, Jeff Sessions on the subject of illegal immigration. In fact I couldn’t believe my ears when Hewitt argued on the basis of unfounded compassion “for the children” who are separated from their parents when apprehended at the border, to which Mr. Jeff Sessions replied, their is no compassion when children are separated from their parents when parents are headed for prison!  I made the same observation in a recent essay on the subject.

Mr. Hewitt assumed a “compassionate conservative” attitude about the poor illegal immigrants children being taken (snatched) away from their parents at the borders. During the interview he persisted in tempting AG Sessions to express a level of compassion too .He did not.  AG Sessions held his ground on the basis of the law.and rightly pointed out that the majority of those children were teens or young adults anyway.

Hugh Hewitt then asked: “There’s an organization called Kids in Need of Defense, and, they’re liberal activists, but they have a point that these children deserve representation, because many of them are eligible for asylum or refugee status. You’re the chief law enforcement officer. Are you guaranteeing that these 10,000 children have adequate access to legal counsel?” That entire premise is wrong. I contend, these people deserve no representation at our expense because they are stateless people and have no call for our protections. They are entitled to protection in custody, a bed, food and water and that’s it. That satisfies our moral duty.  

This whole illegal aliens business, has been turned into a touchy feely, sobbing exercise in unwarranted compassion for the ignorant masses crashing our borders. Permitting it relaxes our defenses and diminishes our security. The porous border with Mexico, due to its ease of passage, is a magnet for the worlds worst now including Chinese tongs, Islamic Jihadists, drug cartels, MS-13 gang members and who knows what other criminal types?

When caught, they’ve been coached to simply claim ‘amnesty’ and demand entry. Except for Cuban’s and maybe Venezuelans now, no other South American country’s citizens should expect “amnesty.” But, that problem can be solved if Congress, gets over it’s hand wringing deliberations on DACA, make claiming amnesty applicable only at US Ports of Entry and nowhere else. Illegal DACA children are still Stateless People. DACA was one of Obama’s “pen and phone’ deals, not supported by law, not ratified by Congress not agreed to by Americans, but, a feel good policy created out of thin air to up the Democrat voter rolls. Dispensing drivers licenses and voter ID cards to illegals, as California does, diminishes the very basis of our representative government, not to mention their drivers licenses in out of state jurisdictions.

Clearly Congress is disconnected from the will of the American people unable as they are to make a decision as the law provides, on stopping the invasion of America. Half of California’s Mexicans are against DACA because it steals from their legitimacy. On top of that, California is almost bankrupt yet the Progressive government still piles on more freebies for illegals.

Members of congress, whose only goal is their re-election, must face the demands of their constituents, for and against, amnesty. The majority is “anti” amnesty yet, the loudest screaming voices for amnesty and work authorizations, from the Left, will drive them to legalize millions of illegals who have no desire to become Americans, join our culture, or obey our laws, the will of the people be damned.  What an argument for term limits.

DACA through Rose Colored Glasses:

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (06June18)

Short Takes – Where We’re Going


Where We’re Going

It now stands without question, after James Clappers admission under the withering tongue blathering he received from that pillar of elite intellectual liberalism, Joy Behar on the “View,” that he, James Clapper and John Brennen, heads of their respective spy agencies, conspired with the FBI’s Comey, to spy on the Donald Trump campaign (Watergate x ten). The genesis for this seditious activity is simply that the criminal Hillary Clinton, lost the prize to Donald Trump. That loss left the doors open and the chickens are fleeing the roost.

Democrats truly believe that Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to (their) America and “resistance” to him is absolutely necessary. It’s “all hands to the oars,” that sort of thing. It’s amazing to see how fast their cunningly crafted house of cards is collapsing under Trump’s refusal to be bullied like any normal Republican would. They’ve become deranged at Trump’s success, befuddled by their failures to bring him down and distraught they cannot counter his successes. They are bereft of any arguments, plans or policies that would benefit America. That is why they cling to their foolish notions of a Trump-Russian collusion. But, it’s OK they did it!

Now their ‘resistance’ has passed far beyond simple dissent, it’s sedition; It’s not disagreement, it’s total hatred. We can hate the Democrats. We can suspect it’s they who are the worst thing happening to America, but we can’t work with them because they don’t play by the rules. They created their own rules that voters have rejected and, when they consistently reject the results of elections they don’t win, then all that’s left is the potential for anarchy.

Democrats have ruled for so long that they see themselves as the only legitimate power in the country. Whenever Republicans exercise power, as Trump is doing, it’s illegitimate and he faces the consequences of Impeachment. When Obama did the same things, he was praised for his brilliant leadership. The double standards there are choking, but Democrats, supported by their propaganda machine, the mainstream media, are never affected. Forget it, let’s move on.

What prompted this essay is the clumsiness of James Clapper to keep his stories straight, and the near violent reactions of John Brennan to the demands for the release of documents from the FBI and DoJ to the Congress that demands them. Brennan is near apoplectic in his reactions. Clapper and Brennan, as heads of their respective spy agencies, according to Clapper on the “View,” did spy on the Trump campaign. That’s one chicken out of the roost. There is no possible excuse or subterfuge that can obscure their treasonous act(s).

Their problem was, they failed to use the professionals in their agencies to do the dirty work relying instead on a host of foreigners, democrat office workers, in house savants of the FBI and the compliant media to protect their backs, by clouding the issues and promote their lies. Federal bureau heads seem to screw up simple operations, making mistakes the professionals under them would never make. To coin an old phrase, C,C. & B. “let the cat out of the bag.”

Republicans now hold the reins of complete power, and don’t know what to do. But, what do the Democrats do? They set about, right or wrong, obstructing Trumps initiatives trying to save Obama’s agenda through the federal courts and what’s left of their bureaucratic deep state. When a federal judge issues an order telling the President of the United States he cannot perform this or that function, then that’s like the first guns fired at Ft. Sumpter. Has it started? Yes it has, but a long time ago. It could get very messy now. We must be prepared.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (30May18)

Short Takes – Is a Cataclysm Coming?


The answer depends on what drives ones personal social, religious or economic opinion. One media source warns of a coming war and asks should we be concerned? We’re already at war.

Other sources warns that the government is poised to seize all our bank savings and we should convert to gold, while yet other sources warn of Biblical prophecy coming together as a precursor to Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus. Oh, my! So much to worry about.

Currently newsworthy is the Democrats hysteria over Trumps cancellation of talks with Kim Jong Un. The media screams Donald Trump “was forced to cancel” talks with Kim Jong Un and by extension, Trump, failing to follow the norms used by previous Presidents when dealing with North Korea (capitulation), then all is lost, Trump is incompetent and war is inevitable.

Well, no, Trump wasn’t ‘forced’ to cancel anything. Initially, Trump seized an opportunity to pin Kim against the wall when he accepted Kim’s suggestion for a”summit.” It will only be a surprise to politicians who have no clue about how a poverty stricken, brutal Stalinist regime that is North Korea, operates when squeezing the “West” for sustenance. They have followed their same format for sixty years and Trump called them on it. Even now, Kim is begging for a resumption of the talks. Kim is caught between a rock and a hard spot.

Unknown to the Democrats is Trump’s mastery of the art of persuasion. Trump is not a politician, he’s a doer and whether one negotiates with despots like Kim or for bank loans, the tactics are still the same and most American politicians simply do not have the skills to face off with the likes of a Kim Jung Un, Mano a Mano. Trump has seen ‘em all and he’s holds a strong hand in a game of which he changed the rules. The Joker card is absent from the deck.

Kim’s ploy was as predictable as the coming of elm blight in January.  Arrange the meeting, claim actions by the other side are provocative and threaten to withdraw if they are not stopped, redo the effort and finally, alert the North Korean military on the DMZ to battle stations, fire off a few artillery rounds into the Sea of Japan and wait for the Western politicians to capitulate as they have always done. Trump doesn’t play the game that way as we have seen.

I like Nancy Pelosi. She stands as a stalwart exponent for the advancement of conservatism. With her comments on Trump’s foreign policy skills, vis a vis Kim Jung Un, nobody could be better positioned then Nancy Pelosi to drag the Democrat party further into the dim morass of really stupid ideas then she.  I ask, what is “a giggle fit?” Months ago Pelosi said: “we must do everything we can to engage North Korea……” then when Donald Trump made it happen, she turns the Democrat party into obstructionists. Actually obstructionism is a bit harsh, because the Democrats are all but powerless, so they are only left mocking the President’s efforts. Where is that “Blue Wave” and when is it going to get here?

How could cancelling the 12 June media event possibly be a “setback” for US foreign policy when the predicable reaction of Kim Jung Un, comes to fruition? Kim will come back to the table. He has to. He has no other choice. The economic squeeze is on and even his back channel sources will be challenged and stopped. Follow the money. Too, he has to look over his shoulder wondering what China’s demands are if he doesn’t already know. China doesn’t need Kim. It just needs to keep the US Army away from its North Korean border. Talk about the rock and the hard spot.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (25May18)

Short Takes – A Return to the Draft? A Memorial Day Thought


Suggestions are swirling again about a return to the draft. For those born after the 1960’s, the draft was compulsory military service for two or more years. Throughout America’s history from the Civil War to Vietnam, different rules governed who was drafted, how one could get a deferment or a buy out, or get a political commission to work his time on a staff. That was all rife for abuse, and, it was abused.

Deferments were applied to account for medical reasons like, say flat feet and lung diseases, but a medical officer at the induction stations would make that decision. If you got your notice, you had to show up for induction and if you passed, your life changed forever.

Political deferments for celebrities, politicians and sons of politicians, like Ted Kennedy, were created while many others, stood up, begging their way into uniform. John Kennedy and his older brother did so. They weren’t famous then but their father had been US Ambassador to the UK. Hollywood stars flocked to the ranks during WW2 and did their duty as the government needed, including combat.

The draft was a numbers system, most draftees going into the army. With usable skills, one could be enrolled in a technical program for training as a mechanic, medic, or radio operator, otherwise, it was into one of the combat arms, Infantry sucking up the most. Only a few draftees ever went into the US Marine Corps or the Navy, because they filled their needed quota’s with volunteers. Many escaped the draft by school deferments and some when drafted, ran away to hide. During the Vietnam war, it was to Canada.

Many, eager to fight, volunteered to join a combat arm. That’s where the action was. For many, it wasn’t until they were covered with blood, sweat and the brains of their buddies, that they realized the awful truth about combat. It’ was then when a boy became a man and what he experienced would stay with him for the rest of his life. Every Memorial Day reveals more of these stories as the old Vet’s pass away.

Since 9/11, the military has had no problem filling its ranks with volunteers.These patriotic young people, with a few exceptions like Bowie Bergdahl, stay the course and remained loyal active members of their units. Many re-enlist to continue the fight and many comeback without limbs, emotionally traumatized or forever needing care. Some alas, never come back.  

America celebrates these fighters twice a year, Memorial day and Veteran’s day when the sacrifices of our military men and women are recognized and honored. How many people do you see today stand to attention when the American flag passes in review? Veterans always do. It’s honor and sacrifice.

The problem with a return of the draft today is that most of our youths are not qualified. They have been subverted by an education system, its teaching ranks filled with the anti-war radicals from the 1960’s, like the Clintons. Our schools have failed to educate our young people about Americas traditional values and why we fight, or have lied about our history making it hateful. That’s a sad but true fact. The one great pool of true Americanism, the Boy Scouts, is being perverted into a potential pool for pedophiles.

Do we need a return to the military draft? I don’t think so! To recreate a program that expects its personal to perform, even to die on a battlefield, but turns many of them into deserters requiring efforts by the military to keep them, was never good for moral. Cowards in the ranks reveal themselves quickly and their whining can bring the moral of a whole unit down to their level of defeatism. Too, a new draft would now necessarily demand the inclusion of our daughters. Those that want to go, can do so now. Those that don’t, should stay home and tend the home fires. Today, on this Memorial Day,  just be thankful Hillary Clinton’s not President. That’s worth cheering about.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! Hug a soldier today and have a happy Memorial day event. (26May18)

Short Takes – Revealing the Coup


A name rarely mentioned in this tawdry ‘coup’ against Trump business, is recently retired Admiral Mike Rogers, head of the NSA with the dual capacity as the Director of the newly forming Cyber Command. If I were asked to select a candidate for a “Profiles in Courage” award, it would surely be Admiral Rogers, followed by Rep. Devin Nunes..

Over a year ago, both of these men took independent action when they recognized that things were not kosher in Obama’s government after Hillary lost her sure bet election. Progressives reaction to their election loss was disastrous and what Mike Rogers did was unprecedented. In his capacity as head of the NSA, it was his responsibility to share NSA collected intelligence of special interest with the heads of the other Intelligence agencies, but particularly the CIA Director, John Brennan and the Director of National Intelligence DNI, James Clapper.

It was reported that Mike Rogers was reading some reports that crossed his desk that alarmed him by what they revealed. He immediately cancelled all appointments for the day, packed up his briefcase and in an unprecedented move, headed to NYC for a secret emergency meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump in Trump Tower on 08/11/16.  Adm. Rogers did not share the need for this secret emergency meeting with the CIA or the DNI, because clearly, they would have attempted to stop him.

The information he revealed to the President-elect was that Obama’s Intelligence Community, John Brennen and James Clapper, had launched a covert post election spying operation against Donald Trump, that included intercepting Trump’s communications in Trump Tower.

Readers may recall the very next day following that ‘secret’ meeting, Donald Trump claimed that his building had been ‘wired tapped’ and he immediately, moved the Trump organization out of Trump Tower, lock, stock and barrel, to another location accompanied by the hoots, hollers,  ‘harumps’ and derisive laughter of the Leftist media and, more importantly, the deep state.

Of course, hard wire intercepts of telephone communications (wiretaps) as were common in earlier decades, are no longer used as technology has quickly advanced far beyond those now antiquated methods. Today, cyber systems are now in vogue that sweep the ‘ether,’ collecting any and all data government computers deems necessary to save itself.

Among those important intercepts that crossed Adm. Rogers desk was information that clearly showed the newly elected president, Donald Trump, was being illegally surveilled in his Trump Tower Headquarters. When the laughter died down, sober faces suddenly realized the import of the disclosure. Day’s later, The Washington Post reported a recommendation, allegedly made in in “October,” that Mike Rogers should be removed from his NSA position & etc..

Obama’s heads in the Pentagon and the intelligence community, urgently recommended to President Obama that, Adm. Rogers, should be removed (fired) as the NSA. head. The panic was setting in, the consternation was complete, but Admiral Rogers maintained his loyalty, his dignity and his self-respect. Clearly, Mike Rogers didn’t want to be involved with the spying scheme which was Obama’s post presidency plan to save his legacy and prevent Trump from removing Obama’s embedded loyalists. Rogers unknown loyalty was a risk to the Obama objectives. He was not a swamp creature and the rest is history and it’s still in the making.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (22May18)

Short Takes – Perspectives in Violence


Perspective, about deadly events, means nothing if you are the victim facing any threat that could kill you. Currently, the objet d’jour of outrage is against guns because they are noisy, frightening and, if semi-automatic, can do a lot of damage quickly. One such, in the hands of a disturbed individual just killed a lot of innocent people as well. But, so can a determined person with a vehicle by smashing into crowds of holiday makers, school children lining up for their bus or pedestrians window shopping on a city street. Jihadists are using this inexpensive technique.


The violence by guns statistics of Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis and Detroit alone, makes the perspective of other means of violent death seem trivial in comparison. Deaths in the four cities mentioned exceed the numbers of soldiers killed in Middle-East conflicts.  American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq in an eleven year period, 2001 and 2012 was 6,488. Add the number of American women killed in domestic violence by husbands or boyfriends, at 11,766, and it nearly doubles the number of casualties killed in the recent wars.


Here’s where ‘perspective‘ changes. In 2015, 10,265 people died in drunk driving collisions  accounting for nearly a third of all traffic-related deaths in the United States. 209 children, aged one to fourteen, were among those statistics as victims of drunk drivers. In 2015, nearly 1.1 million drivers were apprehended for DUI by alcohol or narcotics. A studied survey conducted by the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers group revealed 14,000,000 (yes, 14 million) people drive impaired daily on our streets and highways. Where is the outrage?


On top of that, the death rates caused by illegals lurking in sanctuary cities, is unbelievable. What happens to them? They are sometimes deported only to return a few months later to do it all over again.  Another large contributor to the high vehicle death rate is driving while texting. The death rate here is roughly nine killed and a thousand injured every day. Using cell phones accounts for nearly 1.6 million crashes a year (2015 statistics).


Deaths by Domestic violence has occurred since the beginning of time between two partners who have a disagreements. Usually it’s men vs. women, often resulting in death or injury to responding police officers. Add in the Gay partnerships and well, they’re not immune either.  


A really big death offender is the medical and pharmacies industry. 100,000 Americans are killed annually by drugs prescribed by doctors (Source: These killings go on year after year with no consequences to drug companies or doctors. Doctors can simply bury their mistakes. Overdose deaths average 13 teenagers an hour yet no one in the Congress has the courage to seal the Mexican-US border from the $50 billion in drugs crossing there annually.  At least 64,000 Americans died from illegal drugs in 2016 that crossed our southern border. (Source:  Did I not mention killings, by knives, hammers or baseball bats? 1,490 people were killed by cutting instruments in 2013. Rifles, including the AR-15, killed only 285 folks while shotguns killed 308. The highest death rates have been in “gun free” zones.

The discussion on “gun violence” is the mantra of the Left. They only want complete and total gun confiscation. To them, no other solution is worthy of discussion. Our society is seriously divided between constitutionalists and the dark forces of complete socialism. A disarmed America is their total goal. Once the 2nd amendment is neutralized and Americans are relieved of the responsibility for their own self-defense, then watch the crushing mantle of Communism spread over the land, enforced by the only armed group left, their police forces. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! - Dedicated to serve the needs of the community. Provide a source of real news-Dependable Information-Central to the growth and success of our Communities. Strive to encourage, uplift, warn, entertain, & enlighten our readers/viewers- Honest-Reliable-Informative.

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