• The Criminal Party

    The Democrat party has made winning elections an art form. Their speculation knows no bounds, abides by no rules, except their own, and would not consider for a second, capitulating to the inevitable until all votes are counted including those from unknown precincts that suddenly were found in the trunk of a car or stacked […]

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  • Who Controls the Press Corps?

    Clearly, daily White House press corps gatherings are losing their allure and their effectiveness. Thrill seekers disguised as reporters or worse, journalists, primarily of the Liberal-Progressive bent, are intent on making themselves the news by challenging the press secretary’s every comment including her weight, size, candor and/or her intelligence, not to mention the President himself, […]

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  • 07, Nov 2018 – And Nothing Really Has Changed

    5:00 am, 07 Nov 2018 – By now, most people are acquainted with national voting outcomes and realize there was no wave, Red or Blue and American politics will remain a mishmash. Democrats regained the House by 34, meaning two more years of stalemate. Republicans kept the Senate by increasing their hold there by three. […]

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  • Temporary foreign nationals drivers license “proper” ID at Georgia polls

    Written By: D.A. King This seems far, far away from “voter suppression.” The drivers license Georgia issues to non-citizens – including illegal aliens who have already been ordered deported – is acceptable and “proper identification” when casting a ballot. This, according to multiple staffers at the main office of the Cobb Board of Elections and […]

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  • The Great Awakening, You Can Look It Up!

    Trump has moved America so far beyond Obama’s era of compliancy, apathy, and despair that Obama has personally taken to the stump to stem the Red tide. We’re in a new “great awakening “of what it means to be a prosperous, industrious, hard working nation of achievers. That will not do for Socialists or advocates […]

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    According to the news media, no one likes Trump. Women hate Trump, African Americans hate Trump, Latinos and on and on it goes. That is why it is strange when the news shows a Trump Rally. The arena is packed cheek by jowl in supporters. All are waving signs like Women for Trump, Blacks for […]

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  • Economic Miracles and a Tin-Pot Ego

    Seeing Obama back on the campaign trail and listening to his whining orotund nonsense about “his” economy whilst calling President Trump a “Tin-Pot Dictator,” requires at least a one page response from this observer. So, here it is: First, Obama’s legacy is fugacious. Obama, as an individual, could never amount to anything that would even […]

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  • Weekly Word Devotion

    Stephen A. Brown, Marketplace Ministries, inc. The thing that separates Christianity from other world religions is grace. While other religions teach works are needed to earn eternal life, the Bible states its a grace gift. Ephesians 2:8,9 “For by grace are you saved through faith; and not of yourselves: it is the gift of God; […]

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