The Wicked One and His Evil Demons


Religion column written by Dr. Bob Allen:

Part 1 of 3
1Peter 5:8 says, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion walks about, seeking whom he may devour.” Boy, that is a powerful statement. The roaring lion is the Devil. Peter says he is your adversary. He is nothing but a liar. You as a Christian can beat him every time with the truth. Peter said to Ananias, “why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Ghost?” Peter knew the roaring lion. He knew that he was a liar. Be careful here! He is also out to devour you and your loved ones like he did Ananias.

The devil is no match for you; the spirit filled child of God. In fact, The Lord Jesus has defeated him, and he knows it. But the devil also knows that you don’t know it unless you know the truth. The truth that you are loved, and, empowered and precious in the sight of God.

Now this is the picture of Satan’s powerful, unholy government.

These facts are very important. Satan operates in, what I call, an unholy trinity. There are three major demon spirits that all other demon spirits seem to have tentacles attached: insecurity, inferiority, and the accuser of the brethren. All demon spirits travel this road to get to you. So, all demonic problems are rooted here. Show me a person with these issues, and I will show you a person who is listening to the “roaring lion.” If you fit into this category, Satan has a green light to your life.

Because of our fallen nature from the sin of Adam, many are still dealing with childhood damage in adult life. The accuser is always there to help you to be miserable. Watch for signs concerning you and members of your family. Are you or your loved ones a target?

The demon’s job is to keep you down forever. The root demons of insecurity, inferiority, and the accuser of the brethren have tentacles to demons of depression, oppression, fear, rejection, rebellion, unforgiveness, lust, drunkenness, drugs, alcohol, pornography, lying, suicide, the occult, procrastination, homosexuality, and so on.

He will give you the card he wants you to hold. If you have insecurity or inferiority working in your life, it is a playground for the devil. The accuser can work other demonic spirits into your situation at his will. He will find the one that fits you. However, these are just tools. A failure is a tool the devil loves. Failure to him is like gas on fire! When you feel like a failure that gives the accuser the green light. Get out of the fire.

His best work is done when he has you down; beating and accusing yourself, or in conflict with yourself, This is the devil’s playground. Stay out of his sandbox.

Many never find significance because of insecurity, and inferiority and the accusing spirits. We need to understand that the demon spirit should not lead us because we are lead by the Spirit of God. However, demons will always try to direct your life.
Insecurity: Not sure of anything, not feeling safe, always looking for something, or somebody to hold onto. You will grab hold of the wrong thing looking for security. You will lie about anything in hopes of making something work for you. Dad and Mom keep an eye on your kids. Watch for signs of insecurity.

Drunkenness, drugs, fear, and the occult is really about your trying to hide your life, and it never works because wherever you go, there you are.
Inferiority: Feeling inferior, always feeling like you come up short, like something is missing, there just has to be more than this; why me? I hate this world; I wish I had never been born, I wish I were dead. Always restless.

Depression, oppression. You’re just not anchored down. Your problems out number your solutions. The enemy then goes to work on you. The demons blind you and convince you that you cannot see your way out. Then the accuser of the brethren tells you continuously all about you and your problems. He will definitely put the “right”, but a wrong person in your life just in time for his plan to work. You may have him or her now. If you felt unloved; remember the devil can match you up with his choices, and he can twist minds.

Both insecurity and inferiority can cause conflict in the mind. Your mind truly wants to do what is right, but there is that old life of sin or bad judgment calls that are always there. They sit there. They are caused by the decisions you have already made, and this is where the accuser of the brother comes in. He can put one side of the mind in conflict against the other. (the new you and the old you)Migraine headaches, worry, and fear, can come out of this. It can come from past relationships, failures and families issues.

Drug habits: a masterpiece of the devil. Druggies are slaves. Your children will rob your money, hurt you and your family to support a drug habit. Satan drives them. They are good people, just deceived. The cost is very great. The young men who went off to war, in World War 11, came back and really made America great. Well, many, many mother’s sons in this same age group are in prison and jails all across America today. There are two million, two hundred and twenty-three thousand adults incarcerated at this time, in our nation, and most have drug related problems.

Let me just take a moment here to share something with you. Have you noticed law enforcement has been fighting this drug problem and have spent billions on it for over forty years? Today any kid can buy drugs anytime he wants; it is just as if the law did not exist. Law enforcement has lost the battle. The Lord showed me that it is a spiritual problem and one of the greatest weapons the devil has ever had to destroy families and to destroy lives. Drug addiction has to be defeated with spiritual power. Wake up sleepy Church and get to work.

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