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MURPHY, NC – The tag office in Murphy is now under the control of Cherokee County LPA, LCC.

The firm took control of the license plate agency from the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles on Sept. 24.

The DMV had been operating the facility directly since May of this year after the previous agency operators were removed and their contract cancelled by the DMV, which cited contract violations and possible legal violations as due cause.

All of the state’s license plate agencies are run by independent contractors.

John Brockwell, communications officer and member of the License & Theft Bureau of the DMV, said the previous contractors were Christopher and Ellen Revis.

He also confirmed Wednesday, Oct. 2, that there was a formal investigation into the former agency.

“The investigation was concluded though,” Brockwell said, but stated he could give no further details “pursuant to (North Carolina General Statute) 132-1.4.”

NCGS 132-1.4 requires a court order for records of criminal investigations conducted by public law enforcement agencies to be made public.

A check with the Cherokee County, N.C. Clerk of Courts office revealed no charges were ever filed against either Christopher or Ellen Revis.

The only related charges were two misdemeanors pled guilty to by a Marlene Mull Revis. Both charges were related to improper procedures involving sworn statements and signatures.

Located at 1176 Andrews Road in Murphy, the tag office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. As a state office, the agency is closed on state holidays.

The contact phone number is 828-837-9922.

The new agency replaces the part-time, state-operated office at the same location.

The office offers residents vehicle registration services and title transactions. They also offer license plate renewals, replacement tags, and duplicate registrations.

Services such as property tax payments and registration renewals can be completed online
at www.MyNCDMV.gov​.

Statement by the North Carolina Department of Transportation on the opening of the office issued Sept. 23, 2019.

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