Legendary Coach David Gentry Visits Murphy High to take in the Friday Night Game

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Coach Gentry gives a game plan to the community about being safe from COVID-19

Written by Brandon Stephens

(Murphy) – – He promised a few visits to cheer the Murphy Bulldogs to victory and Coach David Gentry did just that on Friday night (September 10, 2021).  The team was busy running through plays, calisthenics, and getting psyched for the game as Coach Gentry walked around the edge of the field taking note of everything.  He shook hands and hugged necks and waved to a few fans that shouted their “Hello Coach” and “Welcome Back.”  It was good to see the all-time winningest coach in North Carolina high school football history, who coached 426 wins in 47 years (366 were achieved at Murphy High).  He and his wife Kelly sat on the hill and took in Friday night’s game.

          Coach Gentry still giving us game plans

Coach Gentry appears to be coaching all of us and giving us game plans, just not necessarily about football.  Prior to the beginning of the game, Coach Gentry made a statement to fans about the importance of being vaccinated against COVID-19.  He is already double vaccinated and publicly took his booster shot in front of the hundreds of Murphy High and Rabun County High fans.  One of the founding reasons for taking the shot to send message to the community on staying safe from the Coronavirus and being able to have a safer environment to enjoy the best known past time in the area, Friday night football.

Cherokee, Clay, and Graham Counties are among 17 North Carolina Counties that have some of the highest infection rates or cases of COVID-19.  North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services report Cherokee county having an infection rate of 79 cases per 10,000 during the last seven days.

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