GOP Incompetence or Betrayal?


Opinion by George McClellan:

The mire that the GOP finds itself in is of their own making. A luncheon friend caused me to realize that it was actually we, the base conservative voters of the GOP, who are in fact, the RiNO’s (Republican’s in name only), and that the corrupt ones, those destroying the party’s brand are, in fact, “Establishment Politicians, who also happen to be Republicans.” Simple as it appears, that’s a significant reversion, a slight change of direction in the cognitive thinking process to square away why we need to scrap the whole apparatus and start over again.

It is from this point that I now believe I can arrange my thoughts so that it doesn’t appear that I’m attacking the GOP brand, as we don’t really have a brand any more, but attack the infection that has altered that brand, thanks to the Karl Roves, McConnell’s, and the army of go along to get along congressmen who vote how they are told to vote by the Chamber of Commerce crowd, i.e.: big money and corrupted business.

Here’s a thought. If either the Cruz or Trump campaigns are thwarted by the “Establishment” crowd at the convention, to insert their candidate (enter name here), then I will as quickly re-register as an Independent, as many others I know will also do. I know this because it is a point of constant discussion here in North Georgia’s extra conservative 9th Congressional District.

This failure of our Establishment Republicans to conduct the nations legislative business, as the conservatives they claimed they are, has led to the political malise we are now experiencing and brings into focus the true nature of the Establishment GOP’s leadership. They’re dangerous!

We have lost confidence in our representative congress because they say one thing and vote another, not at all in keeping with their statements. They can no longer be trusted to do as they said they would do. Even our own Congressman, Mr. Doug Collins, a good man, a serving Air Force Reserve Chaplain, a Baptist Preacher, and a loving father and family man, all the qualities expected of a conservative Republican, has still managed to disappoint and his campaign for a third term is now challenged by at least three other candidates. Keep in mind that an incumbent is not necessarily entitled to keep his/her seat. They can be tossed out, and should.

And still, we have a dangerous lame duck president who seems to be getting his job done. Our GOP gave him a pass with the Omnibus Spending Bill to carry him past the election. Obama now has a chance of leaving office before Iran and North Korea’s nuclear hopes are realized. The “global warming industry” is gleeful about the Paris climate change agreement passed with little American opposition. Guantanamo is being drained of its hard core al Qa’ida terrorists because, by presidential fiat, the Jihadists operatives there are no longer deemed to present a threat. The US Treasury has intruded itself into private business by preventing large companies from merging with smaller foreign companies to move their headquarters offshore and reduce their excessive US tax burdens. One has to admit, that’s not bad for a lame duck president with a Republican Congress, is it?

Just for laughs, I encourage readers to look up the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2011 and see what they all agreed to. Then the BCA of 2015 and the numbers will jump out at you. Already, that act has become useless as a spending control mechanism. The act sets a maximum amount for discretionary spending, not a goal to be obtained. It has been exceeded each year. Why does the GOP participate in Democrat set agenda’s, even now with both houses in GOP hands? Look for the answer in corruption, disguised as “doing the peoples business.”
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (8April 2016)

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