Short Takes – Mueller vs. Trump vs.the American Public, or Pipe Dreams?


I never cease to be amazed at the crap the media feeds us including the opinions of journalists just barely able to peel bananas with their hands.The otiose schemes the deranged Left keeps pushing is the political danger to Pres. Trump should he fires Mueller. Oh, the humanity of it!

Well, let’s get on with it; watch where the smoke comes from then put out the fire. This wasted, year long Mueller drama which all but indites Hillary Clinton and her coterie of conspirators in the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS and the State Dept. as the true criminals, needs to be resolved and soon. The patience of the American voters who put Trump in office is growing thin. They will not abandon Trump when the real problems are so clear. Heads must roll and then we can heal the wounds,and work to return to a true constitutional republic like the founders envisioned.

“Is their a constitutional confrontation in the offing?” asks one headline. The article posits the notion that Mueller is nearly omnipotent in fighting crime and or evil and has the power and authority like a Grand Wizard, to demand the President of the United States present himself before a Grand Jury, presumably to arrange his public execution by burning at the stake. Right!

The article allows that the President has some outs like any other citizen, such as invoking his  5th amendment rights; that he can simply remove the Deputy. AG, who hired Mueller after Jeff Sessions abdicated his responsibility, daring to face the slings and arrows, that will come or, he could simply swat the Mueller nuisance away, de-fund the investigation and move on, a proposal most Americans really want. It reminds us that the president is not “above the law” but fails to warn us that Hillary Clinton, the corrupt James Comey, Loretta Lynch, et. al., are above the law. “Oh, the harm it would do to the FBI’s reputation..& etc., etc.” Well, the top management has been exposed as a nest of vipers and does need to be cleaned out, the sooner the better.

We know that the Supreme Court ruled that Nixon, who did have tapes and records, had to produce them as physical evidence. What does Trump have to produce he hasn’t already freely given? Nothing, so the hunt goes on until they find something. They can forget any more Stormy Daniels stories. No body cares. Bill Clinton saw to that. That’s old news. The issue behind the issues here is that the Democrats have no issues they can convince Americans to embrace other than the Obama socialist disaster that Trump is now happily discarding. They can run on no other issue except “hate Trump” because he beat ‘em soundly, leaving them bereft of power and like Biblical Moses, wandering aimlessly in the Sinai. Listening to the morose former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is evidence enough of that.

It’s in their best interests to attack Trump, in fact it’s their only interest if they dream of ever recapturing the Congress again but, I suspect “dreams” are not policies. Democrat dreams cannot possibly move or replace Trumps successes like his tax cuts, killing the regulation state, his rising employment and GDP numbers and low unemployment rates, ripping America away from stupid trade deals that have hurt us, and ignoring the pseudo science environmental nonsense that the left believes will empower them to create their ‘dreamed’ one world order to save the planet. More importantly, he’s not afraid to face off Iran, which is facing its own internal problems, and the North Korean dingbat who pushed himself onto the world stage as a nuclear competitor and now can’t let go. Trump, the protagonist, has challenged them all and they react as he has expected them to. The Democrats are in disarray, Iran has squandered the billions Obama gave him and are almost broke and Kim is in fear of losing it all by his over extension.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

FYN Interviews Rebbeca Yardley on Georgia’s 2018 Sine Die – Last Day of Legislative Session

Politics, State & National

It’s Sine Die day, that means it’s the last day of the 2018 Legislative Session! Interviews First Vice Chairman of Georgia Congress 9th District GOP Rebecca Yardley on the experience and what to expect from the Georgia Capitol today!


Facing The Peril


Opinion written by George McClellan:

We’ve all seen movie scenes of people walking across beds of hot coals or struggling bare footed and naked crossing a cactus covered desert, but nothing, nothing, appears harder to do than run a conservative government with a bunch of useless damn Democrats in the way.

After three election cycles, the American people finally all but reduced the influence of the once powerful, but dangerous socialist Democrat Party to near irrelevance. So, why, why do they still command center stage? Why do they feel compelled to act as if they were still all powerful and influential to America’s future? But, more importantly, why do the Republicans let ‘em?

With endearing spokespersons like Maxine Waters screaming for Trumps impeachment, Nancy Pelosi, garbling answers to questions she doesn’t even know the answers to and Chuckie Schumer claiming how “shocked and disappointed” he was that Trump did this or that, it’s apparent they’re not going to get very far without serious help.

If they had the guts, Republicans could seize the day and actually push the Democrats out the door. Sadly, they don’t seem to have the will to fight or win against anything the Democrats are doing to stop Trump. They just seem to go along to get along with whatever they and the ultra-left wing media scream about every day. It is apparent of course, that Donald Trump is actually threatening a combined, corrupt political machine long entrenched in the American body politic, to the point that he could actually succeed so, he presents a real and present danger to their own futures that must be neutralized, at all costs.

The political discourse for the past several years has always fed into the Democrat agenda, subverted years ago by the social philosophy of Marx & Lenin to reshape the American character from one of personal responsibility and self-reliance to one of total reliance on government. That scheme, decades in the making, was so near fruition that the sudden appearance of a once in a life-time character like Donald Trump, threatening to destroy all of their slow, methodical and incremental preparation, has created their near hysteria, imperiled their future and clouding what’s left of the atmosphere of decency and respect, with a cacophony of noisy threats, accusations, and political attacks against everything Trump does.

For President Trump, the first peril to draining the swamp, while at the same time trying to run a government, rebuild a broken military and repair a shredded foreign policy left over from the previous regime, is the remaining Marxist acolytes not yet purged from government offices, bureau’s and departments, the source of most leaks. Neither can we neglect the forth estate, the ultra-leftist media, now all in to the purging of President Trump instead.

The Democrats are approaching the mid-term congressional elections with the same naive determination of a Christian pastor preaching Christ’s love in a mosque. They need to regain their numbers in both houses of Congress so, they fill the ether with pleas for donations to save the party. Georgia’s 6th Congressional district and Montana’s Senatorial campaigns, are just two cases in point. In both, the Democrat message is always the same, attack the incumbent or the Republican Party. Make President Trump a villain and therefore their support of him, almost criminal, but never, ever, under any circumstances, present an arguable need for America to return to the path of socialism. The fight will be long and hard and not helped by non-cooperating Republicans. Somewhere, there has to be an end to the RINO Republicans like McCain, Graham, Collins & others. It will come but we must be patient. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (18May2017)

Political Warfare Changes Course


Opinion written by George McClellan

America’s political atmosphere has suddenly become a bit less combustible since Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell invoked Harry Reid’s nuclear option choking off the filibuster. Now, on reflection, I expect that Senators may return to being statesmen again and not obstructionists by using the only tool available for obstructionists, the filibuster.

Oh, they still hate conservatism but they’re powerless to make any changes. The Democrat party is defeated, they just haven’t accepted it yet. The worst of the problem is that the GOP doesn’t know how to lead and are just beginning to realize they are actually in charge.

Individual Republicans try to act for themselves until such time they get co-opted by the forces of Big Government. They march not to a different drummer, but each to their own drummer, a cacophony of drumbeats, each with their own ideas, squabbling in disagreement on the pettiest of issues, while the organized, machine like Democrats manipulate them into confusion and disarray. The Democrats just got comfortable and that made them lazy and careless.

It was the organized tea party’s supporting constitutional thinking candidates that started the change in the Republican party. The organized Freedom Caucus is proof of that. The GOP’s leadership, instead of working to keep Democrats happy so “we can all get along,” must now contend with a raucous caucus that is changing the course of their ship of state and, they don’t like it. Then along came Trump, not a Republican and certainly not a Socialist (democrat) making changes in the party’s name whether they like it or not. It’s the New Age Republican Party and it’s Trumps party now. His enemies are lined up to get ‘em.

Trumps trick is that he moves so fast, like the Roadrunner, (beep-beep) that nobody can fire up his programs and start the combustion they so dearly desire. Whoosh, and he’s gone on to the next project. Chuck Schumer recognizes that. Notice how he has now sounding a bit conciliatory? Forget the nominations process, it’s over. He agreed with President Trumps lobbing of cruise missiles onto the Syrian Airfield, and is actually making overtures to try to stem the death knell of his beloved Obamacare. I think he really sees salvation in Trump’s presidency if they stop rattling his cage. Trump’s a doer. He completes projects, he knows how much it’s going to cost and where to cut wasted spending. He don’t mind sharing the credit either.

Campaign wise, The Democrats are coming on very noisily. In the race for Georgia’s 6th House Dist. the Democrat candidate, a youthful inexperienced, clownish figure, has $8.4 million dollars and it didn’t come from 6th Dist. Democrat donor’s because within the Democrat party there lurks their real enemy, the killer elites, the New Age Democrat Party of the Bernie Sanders faction. They are dedicated socialists. They will be coming on very strongly and very soon. They hate the Clinton’s and the DNC who suckered Bernie Sanders into what appeared to be a fair contest for the nomination when the game was rigged all along. They will be setting the democrat agenda afire in the next year or two.

And, here all along, we thought the Democrat Party was a solid socialist party in the old soviet mold. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Bernie’s battalions will soon be organized and hitting the streets. They will do to the old age Democrat party what the Tea Party has done to the old age Republicans, snatch away their reason to exist. Ron Paul had a near similar success with his dedicated Libertarians but they fell short because they still pretended to be Republicans with a bitch and nobody likes bitchers.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (09Apr17)

The Deplorable’s vs. The Unspeakable’s


Opinion written by George McClellan:

With an incredible indifference to reality, the Democrat party appears to be in lock-step on its path to self-destruction helped along by their pals in the mediocre media. That’s good actually, and I heartily approve. The various and sundry responses from the leftists, including the mediocre media following the Presidents speech to a joint session of Congress, clearly falls into the pedantic category of “Trump psychosis syndrome.”

The one glaring reality the Democrats still possess, apart from their hypocrisy, is their ability to set the daily agenda to which, like salivating dogs at meal time, the long ‘Pavlov’ conditioned Republicans still react with predictable assurance. They simply can’t say “No.” When the democrats say jump, the usual GOP’s response is “how high.” So, STOP IT, already!!!!

We see this with the Left’s deranged attempts to create any connection between Trump and Russia, including Trumps staff, so they can claim that Trump is unqualified because the Russians got him elected and demand his impeachment or resignation. A storm in a tea cup!

Jeff Sessions is the current object of the Left’s demented Russian obsession and, instead of brushing off the Left’s silly notions with the contempt they so richly deserve, they continue to keep the issue in the news by denials, recusing and apologies.

It saddens me that some Republicans are showing their spinelessness by starting to agree with Schumer, Pelosi and company, that Sessions must be guilty of something because he met a Russian diplomat on an elevator or at a cocktail party or as a member of the Senate Armed Service Committee. Of course Democrats never met with the Russian Ambassador when they were holding the reins. It’s really time to counterattack the Democrat machine and destroy it.

How about a Conservative PAC on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and etc., repeating over and over, Obamas secret, open mic. conversation with Russian President Medvedev telling that worthy to convey to Putin, “to give him time, that he would soon have room to maneuver?” How about launching an inquiry into Loretta Lynch’s secret meeting with Bill Clinton? How about launching a criminal investigation into the illegal Fast & Furious gun transfer debacle, with the expressed intent of putting somebody in jail (Eric Holder). How about bringing Hillary to trial? She’s a common crook citizen now and should enjoy no more rights against criminal charges and prison, then the sailor who took photo’s in his submarine?

How about repeating over and over again, the story of Clinton selling American Uranium to Russia through a Canadian, Clinton Foundation contributor?  Or her lies at Dover AFB to the families of the killed Ambassador and former soldiers, claiming that an awful video maker in LA was responsible for the Benghazi attack. Lies, lies, & lies. Keep them in the public eye.

There is a vast wealth of publicly available videos of Democrat nonsense that, if properly exploited, will keep the Obama OFA machine off balance and back on their heels, spending more money for self-defense than their attacks on Trump.

My God, GOP, go on the attack! Beat the Democrats to death with the big stick you hold. Hell, we won it all, so use it. Stop this bipartisan BullS*** with the democrats. They’re a dead party with no vision, no message and no candidates below age 60. Bury them and be done with it, and let’s get about the business of helping Trump make America Great Again.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (03Mar17)

“Chicken Little” Lives


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Oracular like, the worlds most renowned prognosticator, “Chicken Little” aka: Al Gore, opined on Sundays TV talk shows his usual dire warnings about ignoring “climate change” predicting the coming demise of the whole world by rising tides, air choked by carbon dioxide and polluted water because that awful Donald Trump took America out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Trump knows, as do most Americans not infected by Chicken Littles inconvenient propaganda, that staying with the Paris Climate Accord was nothing more than a scheme to transfer America’s wealth to despots in third, forth and fifth world nations so they can breath easily and drink water without fear of nasty pollution caused by greedy industrialized nations.

China and India are exempt of course because they are third world nations emerging into the modern industrial age and need a “hand up to catch up” with the rest of that greedy, polluting  industrialized world. Now, one can’t breath the air in Beijing without a Darth Vader breathing system, but no matter, China and India are still needy. How stupid can our leaders really get?

But don’t be fooled. The end goal is a one world government and they mean to get it by whatever ruse they can think up. Climate warming is the current issue of dire alarm they use to try to make us fearful. After a couple of decades of failed evidence and computer generated lies, may we conclude it hasn’t really worked and get on with our independent lives or are we really that stupid too? Throw the bums out!

Chicken Littles breathless and alarmed propaganda offensive is designed to adumbrate the real hidden truths about the earth’s alway’s changing weather. For example, there is an on-going controversy with Democratic states and Progressive cities pledging to adhere to the Climate control accords in spite of Trump’s withdrawal. It’s in your face defiance, but America was created to have fifty different governing opinions, some that would work and some fail, so I don’t worry about them. Apparently, another 10th amendment test is under way again.

In support of the dire climate warming nonsense, we are gifted with this type of fuzzy thinking from the Left’s die-hard leadership: Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupsi said: “Utah has a $1 billion skiing industry threatened by climate change (wasn’t there too much snow last winter?) and experienced a 65% growth in solar power last year alone.” “As one of the country’s sunniest states,” the mayor continued, “Utah is warming at twice the global average, and our drinking water is at risk.” Now where did she get those stupid figures, from Chicken Little?

Elimination of auto pollution, i.e.: CO2 emissions, is the reason environmentalists like Chicken Little have a platform to speak from. Carbon is the villain and it comes mainly from coal, oil and gas. I well remember a smog filled LA basin in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s still smog filled but, to fearful environmentalists, like Chicken Little, despite the effective emission controls mandated by government in the intervening decades, with no change, it must now be too many cars that is the problem. Here we enter the realm of soon to be mandated mass transit, slow inner city trains and high speed rail across country as solutions. Hence, the billions spent on California’s high-speed rail boondoggle, LA to San Fran. Until it can pay for itself, it’s unaffordable!

I do not disagree with the mass transit idea so long as I don’t have to ride a bus more than a few blocks. I’ve lived and worked in Europe and trains were the most effective method of getting from point “A” to Point “B” effectively but, they all ran on electricity made by coal.  Go figure!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (07Jun17)

The Failing Attacks on Trump


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Why the hysterical Democrats, entrenched Republican’s and their propagandists, the MSM, feel it’s important to continue their attacks on Donald Trump is because he’s a danger to their livelihoods. They have assumed Trump, despite his business success, to be a politically illiterate buffoon, evidenced by the class of people who voted him into office. That was an incalculable outrage they never expected, will not accept and will work tirelessly to reverse.

How does an entrenched corrupt political machine save itself when it’s caught in the headlights? By corrupting the very organs that could put them in prison, the DoJ and the FBI. I suspect that Loretta Lynch, former AG, could soon find herself in the dock along side other identified DemPro politicians of the Obama administration, not forgetting Hillary’s crimes as well. Lynch was stupid and got exposed. Clinton was deceitful, greedy and egocentric. She got exposed. The IRS got exposed, the EPA got exposed and yet, nobody is headed for jail!

Then comes the Comey affair. Comey, as FBI Director, was the linchpin of corrupt propriety. “We can’t prosecute her, she had no intent on her part to harm America!” The FBI has spoken and Comey was her savior. His indisputable ten year position as Director of the respected and feared FBI was thought unassailable. Or was it? Democrats trembling in eager anticipation that Comey would find or create, a Trump connection with Russia that would prove Hillary should be President, never materialized. It couldn’t because it didn’t happen. So, continue looking!

Then that sneaky, cunning Trump, the medias presidential buffoon, did the unexpected. He actually did fire James Comey while the Director was in LA. The Democrats screamed, it was a  violation of protocol, bloody murder, “He can’t do that,” the Director was heading up a Trump collusion investigation so, he must have been getting close, all nonsense of course.

Immediately Comey was away on his trip and Trump issued his “pink slip” to the Directors office, the new AG, Jeff Sessions, swarmed the Directors office, seized all his files, lap tops, disks, papers, reports, names and address books, storage units, everything not nailed down and all are now in the hands of the AG, a loyal staff going through them bit by bit. A classic move, but not unexpected. Important to the firing was complete secrecy or Comey, hearing he would be fired, would have removed all incriminating evidence beforehand. It was a White House, DoJ stealth operation with DoJ lawyers and FBI Agents loyal to America eagerly participating.

Former FBI Director Comey, the epitome of the corrupted establishment state composed of Democrats and Republicans alike, embedded deep state federal bureaucracy workers, lobbyists and even, I suspect, some high ranking military officers are all now wondering when the axe will fall as surely it will. Comey was the plug needed to drain the swamp.

Comey’s professional history is a study in favoritism. He was indebted to the Clintons. He owed them his career and did so by providing cover for their crimes. His job was to kill the felony investigation of Hillary Clinton. At the same time, Comey started work on an Obama demand to monitor Donald Trump (illegally) and all persons involved in the Republican campaign to acquire dirt that could be used to hurt Trump later. This included using a fake “dossier” paid for by Clinton’s campaign to create justification for the surveillance and connect Trump’s campaign to Russians skulduggery. It failed, the scheme was exposed, the media went nut’s looking for another excuse to discredit Trump and yet, he still smiles and goes about his business of erasing the Obama legacy. It’s a pity the press hasn’t got it yet. Hate is a powerful drug.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (24May17)

This Comey Thing, “Misprision” or not?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Crimes of “sedition” are not common jurisprudence in America although it take place with daily regularity. They were tried once but flew in the face of the 1st Amendment and were abandoned almost as fast as they were enacted by colonial era outrage. Briefly, “Sedition” is conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of the state or monarch. America was founded by sedition against George III and should not be denied to future populations.

In today’s highly charged political atmosphere only the Democrats and their propaganda machine the Leftist media, outwardly conform to the pure definition of “sedition.” Their aim is to incite people to rebel against Donald Trump and the Republicans. In some undemocratic countries, Venezuela for example, they would already be in prison or executed.

James Comey, the former FBI Director, a clumsy bureaucrat who sought through rhetorical machinations to redefine the meanings of law (intent), and the meaning of responsibility by declining to focus on the real high crimes and misdemeanors apparent to nearly everyone simply to protect the Progressive candidate, caused his own firing. He was political.

Comey usurped the authority of the equally seditious Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and succeeded only in damaging his personal reputation and destroying the confidence of the FBI Special Agents Corps. in his leadership. These actions caused undue turmoil for the boss and  it’s really not a good idea to irritate the boss, especially one who is attempting to deconstruct the long entrenched corruption that is the DC swamp in which Comey revealed himself as a denizen. Comey must have thought he was dealing with stupid people in President Trump and the White House staff. So, for this essay, sedition is out but, the crime of “misprision” is not.

There are three basic elements to misprision, i.e: concealing a crime, that apply. First, is   seditious conduct against the government or courts, already mentioned. Treason applies here but that requires positive evidence far beyond circumstantial, to even be considered, with first hand witnesses testimony, that sort of thing. Many of Obama’s senior staff could, by their conduct under cover of authority, be investigated for treason, including Obama himself, simply by his willful violation of the Constitution and the crimes against Americans they perpetrated.

To his credit, Comey did not flinch with Lynch after her hoped for secret meeting with Bill Clinton was exposed. For Lynch, her conduct was a misprision, being a collusion, with intent, to affect the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. These are felonies. In this case, it specifically focuses on Lynch’s neglect or wrongful performance of official duty.

The final element of misprision includes the concealment of treason or a felony by one who is not a participant.  Here, the field is wide open to criminal investigation requiring strong leadership in the highest levels of the criminal justice division of both the DoJ and FBI. Politics takes a hand here as well, with political party’s jockeying to avoid having their schemes exposed as either stupid or criminal, what ever applies, and keeping their people out of jail.

By congressional agreement, the Director of the FBI was granted a ten year term not to be interfered with by politics. It was necessary that the director not be political or make the FBI a political machine for either party, but to protect America and its Constitution. Comey failed here in all parts and that’s why he’s gone. When Trust is gone so is efficiency. Trump did what he promised to do, continue to drain the swamp. Comey could not be trusted. He’s gone! Simple!

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