Murphy mayor issues update on town progress

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Murphy Sign Change
Mayor Rick Ramsey

Murphy Mayor Rick Ramsey


“The Welcome to Murphy sign at McDonalds has served our town with dignity and class for many years. As planned, the sign must come down as part of the new highway project.

Our intent is to replace the sign with a new design that is dignified but also is as noticeable and inviting as possible to persuade visitors to make the turn and explore Murphy.

While there are several ways to enter downtown Murphy from the bypass, it is Hiwassee Street that is the gateway into our amazing town. We have a vision of the end results.

We have received rave review on the “ground up lighting” into the Bradford Pear trees from the Baptist Church to the historic L&N Depot.

We have cleared the brush along the boat ramp, which provides a beautiful view of the Hiwassee River as you enter town.

We have upgraded the trash receptacles at the boat ramp, and we really appreciate everyone who is supporting this by not littering or attempting to leave household garbage at this location.

We have night lighting that highlights the Depot.

We have more cost-effective initiatives that hopefully will complete or be well underway by the 2020 highway construction target completion date.

By the way, plans to make cost-effective improvements in other areas of town are in our vision. These investments must be balanced with critical and continuous infrastructure upgrades.

The goal is to ensure our town is prosperous, inspirational, and safe, without changing the rhythm that makes us proud of where we live, work, and play.”

Mayor Ramsey and the Murphy Town Council are next scheduled to meet beginning at 5 p.m, Monday, Nov. 4, at City Hall.

For an update on the latest Murphy Town Council meeting, click here.

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  1. Pat Adams October 17, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    I am a local realtor and have a listing on Old Tomotla Road. I understand that it is in many ways a good thing for the railroad to be coming to Murphy, but my client is suffering for it. There is a 100 foot easement that encompasses 3 feet of my client’s garage and also the well. As it stands, we are unable to get financing because it would not be clear title.
    Any help you can give would be appreciated. My client needs to sell and I have a Buyer, but unable to do anything because lenders won’t lend unless there is clear title.
    Thanks in advance.
    Love the uplighting….can’t wait to see the new sign.

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