Andrews Wildcats Lone Undefeated Team In WNC

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The Andrews Wildcats are the last unbeaten team remaining in Western North Carolina. Heading into Friday night, Andrews and Franklin stood atop WNC football standings as the final two unbeaten teams. Unfortunatley for Franklin, some costly special teams mistakes cost them their game against Tuscola. The Wildcats were basically mistake free Friday night however, catching a blowout road victory over the North Georgia Falcons. 


Digging back into the record books as far as I could, it seems that this is Andrews’ best start since their lone, undefeated (West) State Championship winning season in 1967. 


There’s something special about this team. A definite culture change is taking place in the Andrews locker room. Wildcat’s Head Coach James Phillips says he’s just glad to be along for the ride: “This group of kids has always had a winning mentality. They’re a perfect fit in our program and for what we’ve been trying to do here. They’re winners. They always have been. There’s nothing magical that I’ve done or any of the coaches have done, we’ve just kept them working and progressing and getting better. They’ve got a winning mindset.”


This team has already made history, but they say the job’s only just begging.


The Wildcats open conference play on the road this Friday against Hayesville, in a game that will be broadcast live on 


This game will set the tone for the rest of conference play for the Wildcats. It seems like every week I hear someone say, “this game will show us whether or not Andrews is the real deal”. I’m here to tell you they’re for real, and they’ve put the rest of the SMC on notice. No one is looking forward to seeing the red and black on their schedule.

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