CalPreps Releases NCHSAA 1A Football Rankings

Team FYN Sports, TeamFYNSports has posted their 2022-2023 computer rankings for NCHSAA 1A football. Looking at this list I would say they mostly got it right, but man there are some head-scratchers. CalPreps website says, “The most important thing to understand about how our computer power ratings system works is that it is 100% objective.  The size of the schools, their division, the league they’re in, how good the school* or league are historically, their geographic location, how well liked the school is, how good the league is in other sports– none of these things are programmed into the system.  None of them are there to bias it the way that they inevitably bias humans saddled with the daunting task of trying to figure who belongs in post-season play.  Rather, they are just a bunch of teams with a bunch of results.  Cold, hard, and unfeeling, yes…but as accurate, objective and fair as is possible.”

To read more about how CalPreps gets its rankings, follow this link- CalPreps ratings- how we get our rankings

Thankfully, we will get to see these teams line it up in the Fall and prove this computer wrong, but here is a fun bit of offseason reading nonetheless.

1A Rankings

1 Mount Airy

2 Mitchell

3 Tarboro

4 Eastern Randolph

5 North Rowan

6 Thomasville

7 Northampton

8 Pender

9 Andrews

10 Swain

11 Robbinsville

12 Starmount

13 Northside Pinetown

14 Southside

15 Murphy


1A West Rankings

1 Mount Airy

2 Mitchell

3 Eastern Randolph

4 North Rowan

5 Thomasville

6 Andrews

7 Swain

8 Robbinsville

9 Starmount

10 Murphy


SMC Rankings

1 Andrews

2 Swain

3 Robbinsville

4 Murphy

5 Cherokee

6 Hayesville

Also, don’t worry. TeamFYNSports will be posting their 2022-2023 rankings soon also, so you’ll get to tell us how we got it wrong too!

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