Blue-Grey All-American Bowl Practice Continued

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Ty Laney Looks Good in Practice – Probability to Start at Outside Linebacker


By Brandon Stephens

(Tampa, FL) – – Murphy Running Back Ty Laney is probably one of the smaller players on the South Team for the Bull-Grey All-American Bowl.  Ty is making good marks on defense and huddled right in the mix with the sixty-man roster of his teammates.  The team practiced for three hours at Tampa Jefferson High School. South Team Quarterback Quinn Niemann (6’2 205lbs Lake Minneola, FL) is a sharp-shooting big man that with no question will play in a good school on the next level.  Ty ran Niemann out of bounds and had what would be a tackle.  Ty looked comfortable and at ease with his new team.

Ty says he is loving the preparations for the game.  It is obvious he fell right at home with the game.

Run, pass, and option (RPO) is the offensive game and stacked 4-3 defense.  Former NFL Player and South Team Coach Kenny Stills is very skillfully organizing the team.  The task is to take 60 young men from 15 different states to come together; learn the defense; learn the offense; get set for special teams, all in about six hours of practice.  Stills’ opportunity is he gets the best of the best players, and they are very disciplined.

Get Ready for a good game with the North and the South in the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl Monday afternoon at 1PM.

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