Hunter Hill Wins the Straw Poll at the Georgia GOP Convention


Dear Friends,

I have great news to share with you! This past weekend we won the straw poll at the Georgia GOP Convention! It is great to know that our message of smaller government and conservative values are resonating with the grassroots leaders of our party! Georgia republicans are ready to elect a true conservative Governor! Are you ready to join the team? Your contribution today of $25, $50, or $100 can help us to take this winning message and spread it across Georgia.

This straw poll proves that Georgian’s are ready to shake things up in Atlanta. We are tired of electing status quo, career politicians that continue to give us the same results. We need true conservative leadership to move Georgia forward!

We won the straw poll and we can win this election. But it will take bold conservatives, such as yourself, stepping up to stand with me in the gap. Are you willing to join me in the fight for true conservative leadership in Georgia?

In my third tour overseas, I held a team prayer every time we left the safe zone. It was optional but all of my men participated. It was because of the Lord’s protection that every single one of my men returned without serious injury or death. I tell you this story because it proves that with the Lord’s guidance, a good team, and solid leadership, we can accomplish the mission we set out to complete. Will you join my team so that together we can elect a true conservative Governor?

Georgia republicans are ready, are you?

In Liberty,

Hunter Hill

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