Donald J. Trump is our President Elect of the United States of America!

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Trump wins!  Donald J. Trump wins the Election and is our President Elect of the United States of America!  Make America Great Again!

Northampton PA GOP Chair Lee Snover. What is really happening on the ground in Pennsylvania

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Northampton County Pennsylvania GOP Chair Lee Snover tells BKP about the Hillary Clinton Campaign bringing in 9 full bus loads of Hispanics to go door to door campaigning for Hillary. The Clinton Campaign is paying these people $18 Hr. Snover has 300 poll workers ready for Tuesday but is concerned for their safety in some areas due to threats and intimidation already taking place. Snover feels good about Trumps chances in PA. Much more PA on the ground information in the interview.

Good Morning From The Office with guest Stephen Moore


BKP talks with Heritage Foundation Economist and Trump Leadership Council member Stephen Moore who helped write Donald Trump’s tax plan.

BKP Interview with 51st. District State Senator Steve Gooch


Georgia State Senator Steve Gooch stopped by Good Morning from the Office. Senator Gooch and BKP talk about the 2016 Georgia legislative session.

Sam Snider Officially Announcing Candidacy for District 7 State House of Representatives

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I, Sam Snider, am officially announcing my candidacy for the District 7 State House of Representatives. I am grateful for the support I received during the 2014 election and I am looking forward to serving our community as their representative. After 30 years in education, I retired from teaching full time. I am concerned by the increase in taxes during the 2015 session as well as the fact that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has yet to be passed. We also have a ways to go in protecting our second amendment rights with a clear constitutional carry bill. Promises of reducing taxes were not kept. As a former teacher, I am concerned that changes to teacher pay will be enacted upon in the next non-election year. Merit pay was set aside for this session. In my opinion, we need input from teachers more than ever. I hope to earn your vote on May 24th in the republican primary.
Coach Sam Snider

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