FYN Sports Top 5 Football Stadiums in Our Viewing Area

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Just here to spark a little bit of fun debate during the off-season! Our writers blind voted on their favorite stadiums in our viewing area, and these were the results. I’m sure everyone will have their own opinion, so let us hear your opinions and what we got wrong!

Each stadium write up is written by a member of the schools community.

1. Fannin County High School

Fannin County High School Football Stadium comes in at #1 on our FYN Sports Top Football Stadium in our Coverage Area.

Although the stadium has no nickname, it is often been referred to in the past as “The Battlefield”

Fannin County may have the best entrance in all of Georgia. The Rebels walk out of their locker-room directly to a gigantic blow up Fannin County Football Helmet.  Coach Cheatham usually is the 1st one to break open the facemask on the helmet and the Fannin County Football team walks onto the field with arms locked. The cannon fires, the smoke rises, music blares, lights go out and then flash from pole to pole. It is a striking entrance and one that every High School Football fan needs to see.

Yes, we mentioned a Cannon. And yes, it does fire. Every time Fannin County enters the stadium and scores a Touchdown the Cannon is shot and is heard throughout the town of Blue Ridge. Yes, we mentioned Lights cutting off and flashing. Every time a Touchdown is scored Fannin County’s LED Light system will flash from pole to pole igniting the roar of the Fannin County 12th man.

Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is played and PA Announcer Tim Towe famous “ITS 3rd DOWN” sparks the Rebel Nation to make noise on 3rd Down.

I think if you witnessed a game here during Fannin County’s magical season last season you would agree with our choice.

The Stadium is a true 12th man Atmosphere. Powered by everything we have mentioned and the award winning Fannin County High School Marching band, the cheerleaders and “The Blue Crew” ( Student Section)  Fannin County is our choice for Top Stadium in our coverage area.

2. Murphy High School

Photo taken by Mark Muir

David Gentry Field at Bob Hedrix memorial stadium is nothing short of picturesque. The location of the stadium is one of it’s best qualities, being right off the road and allowing passers by to honk their car horns and cheer on the Dogs, whether that be on Friday night or Tuesday afternoon at practice. Watching the team walk down the hill at 7:27 on Friday night just before kickoff is electric. The sun setting behind the visiting bleachers on a crisp fall evening is really something to behold. Dont even get me started on the sheer history of what’s been accomplished on that field. 10 state championship teams have played under those lights, and for the past 40 years, perhaps the greatest High School football coach of all time has coached on that sideline. Add to that JR Carrol shouting “1st and 10 Bulldogs” over the speakers, you’ve got a recipe for one of the greatest high school football atmospheres in the country.

Photo taken by MHS Athletics on Facebook

They don’t call it “BULLDOG COUNTRY” for nothin’.

Former Dogs Head Coach & Hall of Famer David Gentry said, “There’s no better high than the one you get on Friday nights in Murphy between the hours of 7:30 & 9:30. That feeling you get for those two hours, it’s unattainable anywhere else.”

3. Robbinsville High School

Robbinsville’s Big Oaks Stadium is a rethink-your-ranking kind of stadium. A truly historical field, it has hosted the home games of over 50 years of Black Knight football teams without ever being moved to a new location. The stadium is also directly adjacent to the original “old rock” schoolhouse of the 1900s.

The field is not the only piece of historical significance—the players themselves, often generational descendants of fellow state champions, give the Friday Night aesthetic of a Robbinsville Black Knights’ football game the aura of dominance. These boys know the magnitude of what they are playing for.

With 14 State Titles earned on its grass, the Big Oaks guarantees you a night of knock-down and drag-out, old-fashioned football, complete with rows of aged-oak trees, and a sunset view over its Smoky Mountain backdrop. Being the true embodiment of the AC/DC rock hit—Back In Black—the Big Oaks Stadium is THE must see stop of any stadium tour.

4. Union County High School

Photo from Chris Mathis

We look to Union County’s Mike Colwell Memorial Stadium a.k.a “The Mike.” There are many great high school football venues; not many, however, pack a 1-2 punch with a beautiful view and electric atmosphere like this one.

Photo from Chris Mathis

This venue offers a beautiful turf field and an even more astounding view of the crisp Blue Ridge Mountains. Mike Colwell Memorial Stadium is one that you’ll never forget, one that provides a bit of everything you could ever want on a Friday night underneath the lights!

5. Pickens County High School

Photo from North Cobb Electrical Services


What can there be said about Dragon Stadium? The crowd, the atmosphere, the view? It starts when you pull into Pickens High School with Sharptop Mountain in the background. The sun coming down behind the trees. The Dragons walking down the hill as they make their entrance. The thing about being in a small, mountain community, when the Dragons take the field, it’s the main attraction on Friday nights. There is no doubt, that Dragon Stadium has one of the more picturesque backgrounds in the state of Georgia.

NCHSAA releases offseason guidelines

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Earlier today, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association released guidelines for offseason skill development. These guidelines are eerily similar to and closely follow the previous phase 2 guidelines, while giving a little insight of what coaches can and can not do and expect of their players during the offseason.

“Any coach who promotes the idea that taking part in off-season skill development is required is blatantly out of compliance with the intent and purpose of this rule,” the guidelines say.

The objective for these guidelines as told by the NCHSAA is “To provide guidance for member schools to consider in designing return-to-activity protocols in accordance with state, county and NCHSAA regulations. It allows for a coordinated reopening following the initial stay at home orders and may also be used if conditions dictate the need for increased restrictions in the future; thus, the NCHSAA has developed a multi-phased approach.”

Some key takeaways from the release are:

  • On a given day, an athlete is limited to 90 minutes of skill development or weight training/conditioning during the academic school year calendar, inclusive of all weekends, holidays, workdays, etc. Skill development sessions are not. Sport specific sessions are not to exceed 90 minutes in duration (inclusive of warm-up, cool-down, meetings, video review, breaks, etc.).
  • Eighth graders are not permitted to participate in skill development sessions on high school campuses.
  • Contests or combined practices between member schools are prohibited during off-season skill development
  • Any individual affiliated with an NCHSAA member high school must abide by the skill development, out-of-season workout rules. If this individual also coaches a “non-school” or “club team” outside the sports season but during the school year, and has any students from the high school on that outside team, he or she cannot work with any of them during a dead period and are restricted to the maximum number allowable per sport.
  • Due to possibility of recurrent outbreaks in the coming months, administrators must be prepared for periodic school closures and the possibility of some teams having to isolate for two or more weeks while in-season. The NCHSAA will provide guidance regarding practice and/or competition during temporary school closures, the cancellation of contests during the regular season, and parameters for the cancellation or premature ending to post-season events/competitions.

Dead Periods:

1. 1st five student days of the academic school year

2. Last five student days of 1st semester

3. Last ten student days of 2nd semester

4. Additional sport season dead period will be announced by the Board of Directors

NCHSAA Sports Calendar Amended, Football Moved To February

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The NCHSAA Board of Directors met last night via zoom and were able to come up with an amended calendar for the 2020-2021 season.

The decision to amend the 2020-2021 sports calendar was not one that was taken lightly, as the NCHSAA was guided by the NFHS and others in order to make a properly informed decision.

All sports schedules for the year have been changed in some way or another. In the graphic below, you can find the 1st practice dates, 1st competition dates, final contest dates, season contest limit, and weekly contest limit for all NCHSAA sports for the 2020-2021 school year. schedule

The first practice date for football has been pushed back all the way to February 8th, with the first game coming February 26th. Another big change to the football season is that all NCHSAA teams will only play 7 games this season, with the final contest date set for April 9th.

The first practice date for Basketball will be December 7th, and the first game will be January 4th. Basketball will only play 14 games this season.

You can view the attached graphic for the updated schedule for all of the changes made to the other NCHSAA sports in the upcoming year.

The NCHSAA commissioner Que Tucker said in her video release earlier today that if you have any question please do no hesitate to contact them, and that they would be happy to field any questions or concerns that the general public had about the upcoming seasons after they hold their media press conference at 3:30. You can contact the NCHSAA by visiting NCHSAA.org.

The NCHSAA is holding a virtual press conference at 3:30 today for members of the media to ask questions about the new amended calendar, so stay tuned to the Team FYN Sports page for the latest updates on this developing situation.


Phase 2 extended past sports resumption date

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Earlier today, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced that he was extending phase 2 of the reopening plan until at least September 11. The North Carolina fall sports season was set to begin on September 1st.

Phase 2 of the reopening began on August 3rd and allowed athletes to practice with some equipment, including balls, but still does not allow the use of protective equipment which is vital to football.

Phase 2 also requires social distancing.

The NCHSAA has yet to comment on the governors decision and the effect it will have on the upcoming season. As of now though, sports will not be happening on September 1st.

“We do not have anything to share at this point. We will be providing an update to the membership very soon,” NCHSAA Commissioner Que Tucker said.

As of Wednesday morning, a majority of NCHSAA member schools have resumed sports workouts. It is the first time a majority of schools have resumed sports activities since sports were suspended due to the coronavirus in march.

Stay tuned to FYN Sports for an update on the ongoing situation and to hear the NCHSAA’s latest stament.

Yousef Mugharbil releases top 7 college choices

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Murphy High School’s number 73 Yousef Mugharbil, one of the most sought after recruits in the nation, has narrowed his college favorites down to seven.

The list, which he took to twitter to release on Wednesday, includes Florida, North Carolina, North Carolina State, The University of Tennessee, The University of Louisville, Virginia Tech, and Penn State.

With the release of his top 7 choices, he also said that his recruitment is still 100 percent open and isnt close to making any decision.


Yousef Mugharbil is listed as a 6 foot five inch 315 pound offensive tackle. He is currently a 4 star recruit according to 24/7 sports and has offers from nearly 20 different division 1 colleges.

Mugharbils 3 older brothers also attended Murphy High School and were active in athletics.

His junior season highlights can be found here.

Tune into FYN sports next week as we plan on speaking with Yousef over the weekend and hearing what he has to say about being one of the top recruits in the nation, and everything that he has gone through so far that has put him into this position.

Gov. Cooper leaves athletics decision up to NCHSAA

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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper held a press conference earlier today, where he announced that school systems will be operating on Plan B which is a split, virtual and in person system this fall. School districts are also allowed to operate under plan C, which is strictly virtual online learning. Regarding sports, he announced that he is leaving the decision about whether or not to have upcoming athletics seasons to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA).

Cooper stated,“The NCHSAA will be making the decisions about high school sports and what they’re going to engage in.” He went on to say, “I love fall sports and enjoyed playing them in high school. I know a lot of our student-athletes want to get back into playing sports. NCHSAA will be consulting with public health experts, including our staff here at the Department of Health and Human Services. It’s my understanding that they will be making specific decisions a little bit later on in the process.”

Plan B is what the Governor has implemented going forward, which will probably work out to where about 50% of students will be taking classes in person and the other 50% will be taking online classes. Earlier this month Que Tucker, the NCHSAA commissioner, said earlier this month that Plan B would be the most concerning if implemented because it leaves so much unknown.

She also commented, “By Aug. 17, if we have an understanding from NCDHHS that we can proceed with higher-risk sports and what those health and safety guidelines would be, we could then move forward and be able to play some games. If you back up from that, when the governor makes an announcement, we’ll have a better feel for the Aug. 1 date for first official practice for fall sports or whether we’d have to push things back to Aug. 15 or Sept. 1 I try not to draw any lines in the sand or cross any lines. If we get an Oct. 1 date, for example, to go ahead and play some sports, it would be incumbent upon us as a staff to put together some sort of a schedule for those kids to play, even if it’s a month or a month and a half, and end with a conference championship. But it’s not fair to students or coaches to preempt what the governor and his team are trying to do to keep us safe as North Carolinians.”

North Carolina will remain in phase 2 of the reopening process for three more weeks, which leaves the NCHSAA operating under phase one of their plan.

Cats fall in heartbreaker at Hayesville

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Landon White and Tucker Holloway rushed for a combined 222 yards but it was not enough for the Cats to defeat a determined Hayesville Yellow Jacket team Friday night in Hayesville.

With what may be the final playoff spot on the line the Jackets scored first on a 1 yard run by Blake McClure. The extra point was good and the Jackets took the lead.

The Cats responded with a long drive capped of by a 1 yard touchdown run by Tucker Holloway at the 4:51 mark.


Landon White runs for 44 yards. Image credit: Mary White

But in a pivotal moment and what would be a foretaste of the kick blocking feast to come, the Jackets blocked the extra point making the score after the first quarter 7-6 with the Jackets on top.

Both teams moved the ball in the second quarter with each team putting up 14 points. The first half ended with Hayesville leading 21-20.

Neither team was able to score in the entire second half, but as the final minute played out the Cats drove to the Jacket 12 yard line with just 11 seconds left.

The Cats lined up for a Holloway field goal attempt that was blocked and sealed the all important conference victory for the Jackets. The Cats return to Hugh Hamilton Stadium Friday night (Oct. 25) to host Copper Basin in a Homecoming match up. Game time is 7:30 p.m.

Wildcats fall to Maroon Devils in conference matchup

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The Swain County Maroon Devils showed why they are a serious conference contender with a solid 48-15 victory over the visiting Wildcats of Andrews.

The home standing Maroon Devils dominated the scoring in the first three quarters with 7 points in the first quarter, 21 points in the second quarter and 13 in the third.

The Wildcats scored two times in the final quarter with a 1 yard run by Tucker Holloway and a 25 yard scamper by Gavin Wilson. Landon White finished the game with 50 yards on 11 carries, Tucker Holloway added 51 yards on 11 carries and Gavin Wilson finished with 67 yards on on 16 carries.

The Wildcats fall to 2-4 while the Devils improve to 6-0.  The Cats return to Hugh Hamilton Stadium on Friday Oct 11 to host the Cherokee Braves.

Dawgs win conference opener against Andrews 35-7

Murphy Bulldogs, Sports, TeamFYNSports

A special report from the voice of the Murphy Bulldogs- J.R. Carroll!

Justice Dorsey and Devonte Murray combined for four touchdowns, and a pass from Kellen Rumfelt to Abe Abling added another. Murphy won 35-7 over Andrews in the Smoky Mountain Conference opener for both teams.

Murray was the workhorse, rushing for 200 yards on 18 carries for the Bulldogs on the ground. In fact, Murray rushed for more yards than Andrews had total, as the Wildcats could only muster 187 yards against a stingy Bulldog defense.

Murphy took the opening kick and was three and out on their first possession. Andrews first possession was just like the Dogs and they went three and out. On the third play of Murphy’s next possession, Rumfelt hit Abling, who was streaking down the sideline for a 50 yard touchdown strike. At the 7:52 mark of the third quarter, Murphy led 7-0.

A Murphy Bulldogs carrier during a play.

Murphy’s second score came on Justice Dorsey’s first touchdown run of the night from 19 yards out. Braeden Alexander’s point attempt was good and Murphy led 14-0 at the end of the first quarter.

It was midway through the second before the next score happened, when Dorsey hit pay dirt again from 13 yards out. Alexander added the extra point and Murphy led 21-0 with 6:43 left in the half.

Andrews scored their lone score on their next possession as they drove down to the one yard line and Tucker Hollaway rammed it in for a touchdown. Hollaway also added the extra point. With 4:50 remaining in the half the the score was Murphy 21 Andrews 7.

Murphy added another score in the half, when Devonte Murray added his first touchdown of the night from 14 yards out. At the 3:44 mark, Alexander added the extra point and going into the half Murphy led 28-7.

It was late in the third quarter when Murray found the endzone for his second touchdown of the night. He ran it in from 14 yards out shedding tackles along the way. The point attempt was good and that netted the final Murphy 35 Andrews 7.

Murphy did threaten again in the fourth, but the drive stalled. After getting to first and goal at the six, Rumfelt got caught by the Andrews pass rush for a 15 yard loss. On fourth and 15 Murray was stopped at the one yard line. The ensuing Andrews drive ran out the clock.

The Andrews offensive line during a play against the Murphy Bulldogs Friday night.

Rumfelt finished the night with 6 completions out of 11 attempts for 125 yards and a touchdown. His favorite receiver on the night was Ab Abling who caught three of those passes for 83 yards and a touchdown.

Andrews quarterback Tucker Hollaway was one for three with 10 yards.

Devonte Murray led all rushers with 18 carries for 200 yards and two touchdowns. Justice Dorsey added two touchdowns with his 80 yards.

Hollaway led Andrews with 13 carries for 79 yards and the Cats only touchdown. Landon White was held to 68 yards over 18 carries.

The Dogs are open next week, while the Cats will travel to Bryson City to take on Swain County, another of the BIG 3 in the Smoky Mountain Conference.

TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week- Landon White, No. 2

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Congratulations to Landon White, this week’s TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week!

Landon has been playing well all season; he leads the Andrews Wildcats in rushing yards. In the Wildcats’ game against North Georgia, Landon rushed for 172 yards over 24 carries with two touchdowns. He and teammate Gavin Wilson combined for over 300 yards in that game to lead the Wildcats to victory.

Landon also played well against Rabun Gap, rushing for 142 yards over 20 carries with two touchdowns. Finally, he rushed for 68 yards over 18 carries in Friday’s game against Murphy.

Shout out to Landon for receiving this award!

Rumfelt to McCracken too much for Life Christian Academy

Murphy Bulldogs, Team FYN Sports

A special report by the voice of the Murphy Bulldogs- J.R. Carroll!

On the first play of Murphy’s first possession, Murphy quarterback, Kellen Rumfelt, rolled out and found Peyton McCracken for a 72 yard. With 8:54 left in the game Murphy led 6-0 as the extra point attempt was wide. 

Rumfelt and McCracken would connect two more times before the night was through, leading Murphy to a 45-28 win over a very talented group of athletes from Life Christian Academy. 

Murphy quarterback Kellen Rumfelt rolls out for a touchdown pass. Image credit: hudl

Late in the first quarter LCA took advantage of a Murphy fumble and struck on a 7 yard touchdown with a minute left. The two point conversion failed and the score was tied at 6-6 at the end of the first. 

Murphy didn’t let it stay that way long. With only two minutes gone in the second quarter, Ray Rathburn hit paydirt from 10 yards out. Devonte Murray added a two point conversion to take a 14-7 lead. LCA didn’t take long to tie it up with two pass plays, the last being a 21 yard touchdown pass. 

LCA added another two point conversion to tie it again at 14-14 with 8 minutes to go in the first half. Murphy followed that up with a one yard sneak by Rumfelt with 5 minutes to go in half. Two point conversion failed and Murphy led 20-14. LCA scored two minutes later with a 19 yard pass. They missed on their two point conversion and the score was again tied at 20-20.

Murphy had seen enough of the lead changes and took the lead for good with two minutes to go in the half when Rumfelt and McCraken connected again for a 6 yard touchdown pass. Point attempt was good and Murphy led 27-20 at the half.

A Murphy Bulldogs receiver takes it to the house. Image credit: hudl

Murphy took the opening kick of the second half and Devonte Murray, who rushed for 15 times for 124 yards on the night, got 50 plus of those yards to set the Dogs up for their first score of the second half. A couple of plays later the Rumfelt to McCraken connection hit paydirt again from 12 yards out. The conversion failed and Murphy led 33-20. 

The Dogs never relinquished the lead again. Ray Rathburn, who was the leading rusher for the Dogs with 153 yards, scored from 55 yards out later in the third. LCA’s lone second half score came with a 6 yard run for touchdown and a two point conversion to bring the score to Murphy 39, LCA 28. Devonte Murray would seal the deal when he had a three yard touchdown late in the third to net the final Murphy 45, LCA 28.

Rumfelt finished the night with 5 completions for 9 attempts for 102 yards and three touchdowns. He also rushed for a touchdown. The Dogs had two 100 yard rushers- Rathburn and Murray.

Murphy opens Smoky Mountain Conference action this Friday night when they travel to Andrews. Kickoff 7:30 p.m.

TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week- Peyton McCraken, no. 3

Murphy Bulldogs, Player of the Week, TeamFYNSports

Peyton McCracken was a force to be reckoned with in the Bulldogs game against Life Christian Academy. For this effort, he is the TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week for the Murphy Bulldogs!

On the first play of the Bulldogs’ first possession, quarterback Kellen Rumfelt connected with Peyton for a 72 yard touchdown pass! This score gave the Bulldogs an early lead of 6-0. Peyton would score twice more throughout the game after catching passes from Rumfelt.

Congratulations to Peyton McCracken- the TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week in the game against Life Christian Academy!

TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week- Gavin Wilson

Player of the Week, Sports, TeamFYNSports

A special report from the voice of the Andrews Wildcats- Scott Fletcher!

Congratulations to this week’s TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week for the Andrews Wildcats- Gavin Wilson! Gavin played an incredible game against the North Georgia Falcons. He rushed for a combined 333 yards with his teammate, Landon White.

Gavin also scored three touchdowns for the Cats on carries of one, 15 and 49 yards. This award is well-deserved for a hard-working athlete!

Thunder and lightning lead the Wildcats to victory in North Georgia

Sports, TeamFYNSports
A special report from the voice of the Andrews Wildcats- Scott Fletcher!
Landon White and Gavin Wilson rushed for a combined 333 yards as the Andrews Wildcats downed the North Georgia Falcons in Friday night action in North Georgia.

Quarterback Tucker Holloway with Gavin Wilson and Landon White. Photo credit: Mary White

The Cats got on the board first with a 22 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Tucker Holloway to the speedy Gage Gillespie. The Falcons started the scoring in the second quarter with touchdown runs of 30 and 49 yards. Gavin Wilson capped a long Wildcat drive with a one yard touchdown run to end the first half.

The Falcons scored first in the third with a 65 yard pass from Kade Harkness.  The Cats rounded out the scoring in the third with a run of 12 yards by White and a one yard run by Wilson.
In the fourth it was all Wildcats as White powered in the end zone with a one yard touchdown. Quarterback Tucker Holloway scampered for 45 yards and a Wildcat touchdown. Gavin Wilson scored on runs of 15 and 49 yards to put the game out of reach. The Wildcats won the game by a final score of 53-20.
The Cats improve to 2-1 while the Falcons fall to 1-3.  Andrews returns to Hugh Hamilton Stadium this Friday, playing host to Rabun Gap.  Kickoff is slated for 7:30 p.m.

Bulldogs Fall to Christ School 27-7

Murphy Bulldogs, Sports, Team FYN Sports

The Murphy Bulldogs hung tough for three quarters of play against Christ School of Asheville, which we will now refer to as University of Christ School. Last week we talked about two different cultures meeting and the challenges that it cause each team to face. This week Murphy was in an unusual position for them. They found themselves on the short end of the stick. 

Christ School has the luxury of recruiting players from all over Western North Carolina and other states, by offering a college prep education to students who if they were not playing football would cost around $30,000 a year. The argument is heard loudest around metro areas where these schools are more prevalent, but it has now made its way to WNC.

A runner for a Murphy touchdown. Image credit: hudl

Teams with the same number of students as a 1A public school, boasting of six to eight D1 commits playing football. The attrition finally got to the Bulldogs midway through the fourth quarter.  Murphy trailed 14-7 midway through the fourth. The dogs had scored on their first possession and went up 7-0, when Murphy scored in two plays after a Rumfelt pass to Justice Dorset set up a 43 yard touchdown scamper by Devonte Murray for a Bulldog touchdown. 

Christ School’s passing game was held in check most of the night by the Bulldog defense, but Christ School running back Pierce Hammonds found running the ball much more productive. Hammonds set up the Greenies first touchdown with a long run down to the Murphy 9 yard line. Quarterback Navy Shuler found former Cherokee Brave, Cade Mintz, in the end zone for a touchdown.  Ayden White added the two point conversion and Christ School took the lead for good 8-7. 

Shuler’s passing game was pretty much held in check in the first half, limiting him to only 6 completions in 18 tries for 86 yards. Unfortunately for the Dogs they didn’t have an answer for Hammonds. After a long pass play that set Christ School up in the red zone, Hammonds hit pay dirt again from nine yards out and the point attempt was wide. Christ School led 14-0 to finish out the half. 

Hammonds put the game away for the Greenies. After two stops by the Murphy defense inside the red zone, Hammonds broke loose on his second touchdown of the night for a 33 yard run. Point attempt was good  and Christ School led 21-0. Wanting to add salt to the wound, Christ School added another touchdown late in the fourth on a 19 yard strike from Shuler to Ayden White. That was the final score- Christ School 27 Murphy 7.

Dogs will host Life Christian Academy next Friday at David Gentry Field in Murphy.

TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week- Devonte Murray

Murphy Bulldogs, Sports, Team FYN Sports

Congratulations to the TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week for the Murphy Bulldogs, Devonte Murray!

Devonte earned this award for his effort against the Christ School of Asheville on Friday night. He ran for 107 yards and scored a touchdown for the Bulldogs. He played hard all night against a tough Christ School defense.

Congratulations to Devonte on earning this award!

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